‘John Rushton shoes’ an independent shoe retailer behind the busy Oxford Street in London, well known for its excellent customer service. The rebrand was to reflect the quality of materials and craftsmanship the store policy guarantee throughout their unique products.
The logo was developed to make the store appear as a high-end shoe retailer, selling quality, crafted goods, exclusive to London. The rebrand would help rival competing luxurious brands, many situated on Savile Row appointed by the royal family.
The brochure was designed to accompany every shoe sale, packed with information from shoe cleaning, to the history of ‘the Oxford’ shoe. The 120mm x 150mm brochure slips into a stylish leather case for the customer to protect for future reference.
The carry case was made from a custom cardboard net, specifically made for the Rushton store to carry shoes from storage to the customer in a smart presentable fashion, a unique feature that builds on the brand experience for the consumers.
Final negotiated project at University